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If you think that having a great smile means wearing metal braces, rubber bands, and wire tightening? Well, think again! Invisalign is a clear, nearly inconspicuous way to straighten your teeth, using plastic trays called aligners. Invisalign is not only practically unnoticeable, but the treatment system is comfortable and convenient, which can match your busy and lifestyle… not to mention, no off-limits foods. Invisalign is perfect for adults who want a beautiful smile without the look of metal braces and teens who want to straighten their teeth to suit their active lifestyle. Are you curious? Ask Dr. D about Invisalign today!


Invisalign is a modern and gentle solution to straighten your teeth by using a series of custom-made aligners. These aligners are made of smooth and durable plastic, which gradually straighten your teeth.  This means no irritation from metal braces, poky wires, no off-limits foods, and no interference with your lifestyle!  Each patient is different, but treatment typically takes 9 to 15 months for most adults.  Teens can expect to wear Invisalign as long as they would traditional braces.

Your treatment begins with a digital scan, x-rays, and pictures which Invisalign uses to produce a comprehensive 3D image of your smile and bite. Dr. D will use this 3D image to develop your custom treatment plan, including the estimated duration of your treatment time.  Using this 3D image, you’ll even see a virtual representation of your before and after bite before you even start treatment. Cool huh?

After we study your bite (occlusion) in-depth and develop a treatment plan, a series of custom-made aligners are created just for you.  Your first aligner is a slightly straighter version of your smile starting out. You’ll wear the aligners throughout the day, removing them to eat, brush, and floss.  The aligners will completely cover your teeth, and we bet no one will be able to tell you’re wearing them… unless you tell them!

After approximately one to two weeks, you’ll receive a new set of aligners to wear.  Each subsequent set is a slightly straighter version of the last set, allowing your teeth to gradually and gently shift into a final, perfect smile. Invisalign treatment plans can include between 10-50 aligners, based on your current smile and bite.  You’ll meet with Dr. D approximately every six to twelve weeks to check on your progress with Invisalign.  Of course, you can always call us or hop on a virtual check-up if you have any questions in the meantime!

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Invisalign for Teens


  • Faster treatment: With weekly aligner changes, you’re on your way to the smile you want even faster. Depending on your response to treatment, particularly in mature adults, we may consider longer periods between aligner changes.
  • Proven results: SmartTrack® material and SmartForce® features are clinically proven to improve control of tooth movement with Invisalign clear aligners
  • Better fit: Aligners made from SmartTrack material are comfortable, fit well, and are easy to put on and take off.
  • Effective: Invisalign clear aligners can treat a wide range of teeth-straightening conditions, including crossbites, crowding, open bites, gapped teeth, overbites, and underbites.
  • Virtually invisible: Most people won’t even know you’re going through treatment, because Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible!
  • Comfortable: Invisalign clear aligner trays are not only smooth and comfortable to wear, but they’re also removable. That means you can continue doing all the things you normally would, from brushing and flossing to eating whatever you like.
  • Convenient: Invisalign treatment is ideal for your busy schedule, since you only need to visit our office every six weeks.



Your life is moving – Your smile should keep up! Invisalign clear aligners use the most advanced technology to give you your best smile yet. Using a series of aligners made with advances such as proprietary SmartTrack® material, Invisalign treatment can straighten your teeth with 75% more predictability.* Plus, your smile is shaped more gently and with less pain than braces.**

The best part? Your lifestyle isn’t interrupted, which means you can still enjoy the activities you love and the foods you can’t live without. All with no unexpected trips to our office due to broken wires or brackets.


During your initial Invisalign treatment appointment, we will complete a scan or impression. Together with the Invisalign system’s team of specialists, we’ll craft a complete digital treatment plan, and map out your best smile yet from beginning to end.


Invisalign clear aligners are designed to transform your smile up to 50% faster*** and are made with unique advances, such as SmartTrack material. Each aligner throughout your treatment moves your teeth gradually and predictably as you continue to live your life the way you want.


Throughout your treatment, you’ll see your smile transform, and steadily reveal the person you’ve always imagined yourself to be. With the help of Invisalign clear aligners and our office, you’ll discover how a series of small, expertly designed tooth shifts can shape a whole new future.



* When compared with clear aligners that are made of off-the-shelf, single-layer .030-inch material
** In a study by Miller et al., with adults measuring pain in the first week of treatment
*** With weekly aligner changes, compared with two-week aligner wear
Invisalign and the Invisalign logo, among others, are trademarks of Align Technology, Inc., and are registered in the U.S. and other countries.


When we think of orthodontic treatment for teens, traditional metal braces almost always come to mind. However, Invisalign can be an excellent option for busy teens who might already feel self-conscious about their teeth.

Fits Your Busy Lives

Because you receive several Invisalign aligners at each appointment, there are fewer appointments required than for traditional braces. On top of that, there are no emergency appointments to handle broken brackets or wires!

Perfect for Active Lifestyles

Because Invisalign aligners are completely smooth and removable, they’re perfect for teens who play sports or certain instruments. Unlike traditional braces, aligners can be temporarily removed for band practice or replaced with a traditional mouthguard for that lacrosse game.

Flexible and Invisible

Let’s be honest, your teen might already be feeling self-conscious about their teeth! Invisalign allows them to straighten their smile without drawing attention to the treatment. Additionally, being able to remove the clear aligners means no off-limit foods. And who really wants to manage their teen’s movie popcorn consumption

Invisalign Price

You might think that Invisalign is more expensive than traditional braces, but that’s typically not the case! Every patient and their custom treatment plan are different, but Invisalign is usually comparable in price to traditional braces and covered by most dental insurance plans. Interested in Invisalign for your teen? Call us at (410)296-4400

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